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Classical or Early Romantic Cello



My ‘classical’ cello is an English composite cello, which means that it is made up from different old cellos. Its front is from one instrument, its back and sides from another, and the scroll is taken from a third cello. As it is made up from different cellos, there is not a single date when it was made, but most of the parts are thought to be English and from the 18th Century. The scroll was made by the famous luthier Forster and is the only part of the instrument which has been linked to a specific maker. Again, like the baroque cello I bought the cello in a modern setup and had it re-converted back to how it would have been in the classical period (roughly 1750-1850), which is very similar to a baroque setup, with mostly stylistic differences to the set up of a baroque instrument. I use this cello for music performed in the classical period, by composers such as Mozart and Beethoven.